Personal fishing permits are to be obtained at local gasstation, tourist center, tackleshop or shopping mals. List at bottom of page.
The fishing permit should be placed on one arm while fishing and be presented on request for closer examination to any supervisor of Laholms Laxfiske.

Laholms Laxfiske recommend fishing in accordance with the "circulation principle" that is to say, with frequent change of fishing area, normally downstream.

Lagan is regulated by powerplants, please check the waterflow before you go. Check here

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Laholms Sportfiske
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Lilla Tjärby Livs & Camping
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Laholms Vandrarhem
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Laholms Turistbyrå1/9-11/6 mån-fre 10-14-- 12/6-31/8 mån-fre 10-18 lör,sön 10-15
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Maxi Mellbystrand
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Marias Camping Mellbystrand
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Go Nature Halmstad
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Halmstad jakt & Fiske
Wittlocks Sportfiske Halmstad 035- 21 21 91


Mouseover picture shows fresh fish versus spawned fish.






Hole season Permit:
Adult: 1400 Skr
Youth: Upp to 18 years, free fishing

One Day Permit:

Adult: 200 Skr
Youth: Upp to 18 years, free fishing.

Obligation to release fish

Salmon and Seatrout less than 45cm , and spawned out fish must always be released.
Incorrectly hooked fish (even unintentionally) - hooked elsewhere than in the mouth or throat are to be taken off the hook with the greatest of care and released immediately.

Catch and registration

The daily bag limit is 3 salmonoids (salmon, seatrout or hybrid).
All fish caught must be registered (weighed and measured) at the day after the catch at the "Weigh-in" station at Gröningen.

Fishing season

For One Year permit: March 1st to October 14th
For One Day Permit: March 7th to September 30th

Prohibited methods of fishing

Jerk fishing is prohibited! (Fishing methods where the line is retrieved with the current or retrieved by repeated, fierce long pulls or jerks is forbidden)



Fishing permit / rules (-extract from fishing rules)